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Transport Data Logger Bosch TDL 110 - The affordable transport monitoring solution without compromise

Inside supply chain, production or storage: goods and comodities get affected by multiple environmental conditions. To keep these conditions inside predefined ranges is one importand factor in long-term quality assurance.

Knowledge on freight and storage compliance is a peace of mind. The Transport Data Logger Bosch TDL110 can be an important part in process optimization and quality management. Attached to a shipment, the TDL measures and records the following parameters:

Shock Humidity Temperature Tilt
Shock Humidity Temperature Tilt

Readings can be visualized through a mobile application. Each treshold is individually configurable via the free App and any violation is traceable and clearly assignable throughout the entire supply chain.


  • Cost-effective transpareny within the entire supply chain
  • Multipurpose operational device
  • Individual configuration and simplified visualisation via mobile App
  • Simplified integration into logistic workflow procedure
  • Bosch TDL 110 provides data for supply chain optimisation
  • Proof of high quality shipping when no alarms occured
  • No external software needed
Transport Data Logger Bosch TDL 110

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Bosch TDL 110

Bosch TDL 110

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